1519 LLC Surveying continues to push surveying to the next level!

Taking Surveying to the Next Level with Integrated Scanning

David Dossey and Aaron McMillan are always on the lookout for new opportunities. The founding partners of the Texas-based 1519 Surveying LLC built a successful business providing ALTA/ACSM, boundary and title, construction, GPS, topographical, and oil and gas surveys, and then became one of the first surveying firms in the region to offer a range of complementary GIS products and services. In spite of their achievements in these areas, they have never been satisfied to maintain the status quo. “We’re constantly trying to diversify,” Dossey says.


The ability to provide a faster turnaround with higher-quality deliverables gives 1519 Surveying a competitive edge in today’s markets as demand for point clouds and 3D deliverables continues to grow. But both McMillan and Dossey have their eyes on the future. They believe it’s only a matter of time before laser scanning becomes a necessity. “Within five years, if you don’t have scanning capabilities, you’re not going to be able to compete,” Dossey says. “Right now, someone has to be the first one and create the expectations, and that’s the direction we’re going.”